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 A national profitable corporation established in 1998 in accordance with the Yemeni law and the regulations issued pursuant to it so as to become one of the pioneering establishment in the field of general trading and contractions. In 2009, the Company acquired the "3rd Degree" classification from Ministry of Public Works & Roads.
The Company practices its activities through a number of sectors, as follows:-

► General Construction Sector
► Engineering Sector
► Transport & Heavy Equipment Sector
► Industrial Complex
► General Trading Sector
Our Vision:

Our vision regarding development in our various activities emerges from our belief that we are capable of giving more in the scope of the works that we undertake (contractions – general trade – engineering sector - industrial sector). The most important factor in that is the existence of the right vision and scientific studied planning to realize our targeted goals; whereas, we endeavor to make our Company the first choice for distinction's seekers.
Our Managerial Values:

We diligently and faithfully endeavor to dedicate our selves for achieving our entire business on the basis of the following values:-
● God fearing in speech and action;
● Working as one team and encouraging innovation among our cadres;
● Application of modern technologies, in our different works, according to the highest adopted standards;
● Provision of services that satisfy our clients, optimally;
● Provision of job opportunities to the greatest number possible in order to employ the unemployed and needy workers;
● Perfection of work and fast achievement in all works that we execute;
The Capital:

The Company self-funds the entire of its activities through the capital allocated by the establishment; ditto from the profits it accomplishes through practicing its various activities.